About Us


  Hi, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Mark Huot and I'm a musician/recording tech/producer and luthier. I've been playing music for over 40 years and I'm a multi-instrumentalist: guitar, guitar-synth, bass, mandolin and vocals. I've been in different bands over the years including Tanjante, Lethean, BCH2, Who Knows, The Starlight Acoustic Band as well as performing solo. I've performed recently at The Greenwood Centre, The Willow Place Inn, The Mariposa Cafe, Chateau du Lac, Helene de Champlain, Centre de la Nature, Calistoga Grill, The Black Lion Pub as well as many private parties and fund raisers. I have a wide variety of influences: folk, folk rock, jazz, progressive rock, classical, new age....

  I have also produced/arranged and performed on several CDs in my studio for various artists including Robert Atyeo, Shawn Job, Gerry Grant Careless Obsession, Andree Blais Lapointe, Happenstance, Del Rose and have a few CDs of my own original music. I'm a graduate of the Galloup School of Lutherie in Michigan and have been running an instrument repair shop since 2008.



Hey, Jim Prophet here to share a bit about my musical influences and interests. Having grown up listening to the Beatles, Van Morrison, The Eagles, and Steely Dan, my musical influences also evolved to include Jazz fusion, Americana folk/rock, Austin Texas Country, Tex Mex, and African and Latin Rythems. For the past five years I"ve  had the pleasure of playing music with The Starlight Acoustic Band. More recently our act has been as an acoustic duo, Mark Huot and myself and I'm having a blast doing gigs with him.  What I know, is that I love entertaining folks by playing music that most of us grew up hearing.  Whether you are younger or older, the music we play transcends all ages 'cause its good, and 'cause we've pretty well all grown up hearing these tunes at home, on the radio, or in the Pubs!